ten days of work, labor and pain...hopefully, it will all be worthy at the end. Life and time in New Hampshire helping the man from the small town go all the way to the big house

Friday, January 30, 2004

It is overwhelming the amount of work that I have to catch up to, in order to get my other classes up-to-date. A few papers overdue, a journal and also a paper for the Road to the White House class. The only consolation is that this class will end up a few weeks ahead of the other classes giving us a chance to catch up. I am feeling sick, I think is for the change of temperature from the freezing hell of New Hampshire to the nice warm weather of sunny Florida. My throat as well as my head are aching like crazy, and I feel feverish, yeh, I am definitely getting sick as a dog!
The dream is over...We are now back in sunny Florida and away from the cold and is all good.
I went to the victory party for senator Edwards and it was very exciting and moving. I am very happy with the results of the New Hampshire, though senator Edwards came in third/fourth place.
His final speech was very inspiring and at the same time somewhat rehearsed, nonetheless moving. People from all over the USA came to pay tribute and to be with him in this final hours in New Hampshire. His concession speech was like a remider of his promise and platform for a better America for us all, unite not divide.
I like to say that I am sad to leave New Hampshire but I would be lying and I don't do that. Those ten days seemed to be like a month and a half. Enjoy the learning and the new experience but there were too many things about the whole thing that I really did not like and I believe things could have been better plan and execute it. I am sure that has to be with the fact that the majority of the people in charge of the campaign were very young with egos bigger than themselves. I am a retired letter carrier, 45 years old and having to deal with those "kids" was not an easy task. I really would like to work with the Democratic Party here in St. Petersburg and I am sure the experience in New Hampshire will help a great deal.
If any of the candidates defeat George W. Bush in November, I could say that at least I got to be near them. Like some may say, I had brush with greatness .

Monday, January 26, 2004

One more day and we are finally out of here. The temperature is very coooooooooooooooooooooooold and I just can't stand it anymore. We went to various locations and put flyers in the front doorsA few minutes ago a crazy guy stopped by our office and he was outrageous. Everybody is kind of cranky and a little po due to the weather.
talk more later
Yesterday was our moment of greatness. Nicole and I were on cspan news all day and night long. We were at the Town Hall Meeting with Senator Edwards and luck will have it, we were right behind him. I got to embrace his daughter and his wife. His platform was phenomenal and his speech was breathtaking. I sincerely believe that senator Edwards have what it takes to take the Democratic party all the way back to the White House .
Still is freezing in here and unfortunately the temperature in Tampa today is 79 degree while is minus and ready to snow..................Please someone get me out of here.
Today is going to be lots of visibility...Meaning ...All day out in the street with placard and handing out literatures and try to get those undecided to go our way. Got to go now..Stay warm for us and say a prayer.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

three more days and all will be over. Edwards office is like an international groundfloor for truly dedicate and committed supporters. We are down to the final hours and everyone seems to be running like mad in an attend to capture the attention and votes of those elusive undecided.
Last night I went to a Carol King concert for Senator Kerry. Senator Gary Hart was the master of ceremony and the ex-governor of New Hampshire was there, Ms. Shaheen. It was a great show and a very organized event.
Like I said before, all the campaigns are doing tons of visibility and leafdropping and flyers are put up all over town. Every mall, shopping center and parked car is an easy target for the campaign literatures.
The temperature is freezing and in all honesty, I will never do this again in this type of weather. The excitement is great and the learning experience is priceless, but the cold is too much!

Friday, January 23, 2004

That was the only bright thing that happened to us today. It was super cold and we have to be out on the street delivering flyers and also doing visibility (standing on the sidewalk freezing our butts off for however long they want us to with signs and sometime singing and dancing, ha, ha, ha, ). I must've delivered about a thousand flyers and Nicole made over a hundred phone calls.
We left to Saint Antons college at 5:45am to meet a college professor and author of the book that we are using in our class. His name is Dante Scala and his book's title is Stormy Weather. His lecture was super interesting and very educational, I really enjoyed it. He also signed our books.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Hi again, another grueling day of campaigning at the Edwards Nashua Headquater. Yesterday was a very nice day overall. We were very productive and the accomplishments were plentiful. Our supervisor in the office is very please with our job performance and she is constantly praising us for our work ,when I say us I mean me and Nicole (we both working for Edwards)
I did door-to-door flyers, put up posters on the side of the road and handed flyers to people on the street. We also made phone calls to people and created a bunch of posters.
We almost had a brush with Greatness. Senator Edwards was going to stop by our office, unfortunately the phone lines did not work and they had to scratch the plan. We got so excite and happy and then, what a let down!!!!!
There is so much learning, so fast that I know its going to take a month after we get back to put everything in perspective. This is a great place to be at this time of the year. We had breakfast with Ms. Kathy Sullivan, she is the head of the Democratic campaign office, she was super. Told us about the process and how the candidates are accepted for the nomination and what criteria is use to award them the funding for their campaign. It was a great learning experience and coming straight out of the horse's mouth.
We have volunteers coming from all walks of life. Retired teachers from North Caroline, a lady lawyer from Massachusetts, college students from New York, California and all other places, it is a great thing...It is all good so far

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Tonight we went to see General Wesley Clark address the audience and also watch the Estate of the Union Address by President George W. Bush. It was very interesting and he was very charming and I must say, I really enjoyed his speech and Q&A session. Though I liked his position and his platform sound good, I stick with my guy, Senator John Eddwards.
Note to the ones that are reading my blog. I hope you got to see the old one because it was really nice and the entries were very cold. just a note. By the way, senator Edwards came in second in the Iowa caucus and he was very surprise and happy- Dean came up a very distant third and Gephart droped out of the race. Even though it is a great thing for Senator Edwards, it is not a prediccion or a sure win, on the other hand, it has given him great visibility and kind of a big momentum for his campaign. We are happy and thankful for this fortune events.
This is a new blog for me, unfortunatelly I forgot my old password and I am having a hard time opening up the old one.
I need to update you on what is going on with my participation on this wonderful seminar. Today I got my picture taken with my candidate Senator John R. Edwards. It was a great moment and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to do so.
Also we got to do real campaigning work. Yesterday I placed flyers in about 200 cars ( let me tell you, it was so cold I thought I was going to have frostbite in my nose as well as my toes) I ssurvived it. Later that afternoon, we went canvassing houses in the most gorgeous houses I have ever seen in my life. I thought I was in an enchanted forrest with all the houses decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights still. Again, very cold and not a very pleasant thing to do, but at the same time enjoyable and exciting.

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