ten days of work, labor and pain...hopefully, it will all be worthy at the end. Life and time in New Hampshire helping the man from the small town go all the way to the big house

Friday, February 06, 2004

Still getting lots of questions from people here in St. Pete. Everybody wants to know what it was like being in the freezing cold and the work that we did and which candidate I worked for, etc. If has been quite fun the coming back. Today a repairman came over the house and I mentioned about the trip and he told me that him and his wife have been following the class and it was kindo nice to see other people besides our families and friend's, interested in the project. This is the first time I write since back, but like the rest of the other interns or at least some of the interns, I got real sick and I am still on antibiotics. Besides trying to get caught up with my other classes and lots to papers and research to do. I am so tire I don't know if I will be able to make it. I know I will, it just that I am really tire and in need of a nice break.

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